The IHT Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB)

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The IHT Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) was introduced in April 2017. It is in addition to an individual’s own nil rate band of £325,000, and conditional on the main residence being passed down to direct descendants (e.g. children, grandchildren).  By 2020/21 families could escape IHT on up to £1M of their wealth.Each parent will […]

Ways to pay less inheritance tax (IHT)

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Most people think that inheritance tax only applies to the very wealthy, but with the average house price ranging from £250,000 in the UK, to £485,000 in London, the size of an estate can soon approach the inheritance tax threshold. What is Inheritance Tax?Inheritance tax is a tax paid to the government on assets over […]

Equity release adverts on telly

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In my opinion, there are far too many of these adverts selling equity release on the telly. I would warn people to be careful when talking to these companies who sell this product so hard – In the right circumstances this product can be the best way to deal with some financial issues and for […]

How do private pensions work?

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Private pensions are defined contribution plans, which invest all your payments. The amount you have when you retire is determined not only by how much you’ve put in, but also by how well your investments have performed and how much you’ve been charged. How do I start a private pension? If you are employed, your […]

Why do I need a financial adviser?

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When you are unsure, emotional, or simply unknowledgeable about wealth management, financial advisers can be helpful. When you consider that many individuals cannot see far enough ahead to imagine, much less plan for, retirement, professional financial advisers can be beneficial. A good adviser will ask you a lot of questions – some of which may be difficult […]

Commercial Mortgages

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A commercial mortgage is a loan used to purchase or refinance a business premise. The demand in the market for commercial mortgages is high, even after a two year global pandemic. Many business’ are still looking to open new offices, restaurants and shops. This leaves the market open for investors and owner-occupiers to search for […]

Reasons to use a Financial Adviser

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Many individuals have their own justification for whether they think they need a financial adviser, others might not understand what the role of a financial adviser is and some believe they can get the same returns that a financial adviser can give them on their own. We understand that not everyone needs or wants a […]

What is a Limited Company Buy to Let – Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)?

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A Limited Company, (SPV), is set up as a tax-efficient way of landlords holding a portfolio of buy-to-let properties. The term Special Purpose Vehicle, or (SPV), is a mortgage industry term for this type of company specifically set up to buy and rent properties only and carry out no other type of trading. Should you […]

What are investment charges?

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When you invest, you will generally have to pay specific fees or have certain costs associated with the investment. The main costs will be to the provider (that provides the investment product), the investment fund charge (an ongoing fee charged for the selected funds) and an advice fee (an initial and ongoing cost if you […]

Development Finance

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With an ever-growing demand for property in the UK, on both a residential and commercial basis, the need for property developers – big and small – is high. What is property development finance? Development finance is a product used to fund ground-up developments, conversions and refurbishments on all scales. The appetite for lending to both seasoned […]