Veracity Financial Planning - IFA Nottingham

Veracity Financial Planning is an IFA (Independent Financial Advice) firm in Nottingham which was founded in 2009 to give pension advice, investment advice and mortgage advice in Nottingham and its environs. Veracity’s aim was to create a firm which offered a sensible, workable and visible charging structure, with simple and valuable planning techniques, that make a difference to our clients’ ability to make realistic and improved plans for their future.

Our typical clients are individuals or families who have accumulated, or expect to accumulate, a reasonably large value of assets that should be sufficient to last a lifetime, but not necessarily sufficient to be unconcerned with the safety and security of their assets and their lifestyle.

Our clients recognise that the information given to them by their pension, investment or mortgage provider is not really sufficient to make proper analysis and planning easy but rather inconclusive and confusing. They want to understand what they are not being told but they don’t know what questions to ask.

Our clients want to work with our advisers so that, together, they can translate the generic provider information given to them and discover what they should be asking, in order to make a realistic plan, to put that plan in place, maintain and update it as required and to understand how that plan is unfolding over time.