Specialist Life Insurance

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Specialist Life Insurance

If you have been declined life insurance or if you feel your circumstances will make an application difficult, the next step is to ensure that all the standard insurers in the marketplace have been contacted, as often one insurer will cover you where another will not.

We will contact all the life insurance underwriting teams directly with the full details of your circumstances, on your behalf and will give you an indication of any likely post underwriting terms. We will then discuss with you the best course of action for an application if one is possible.

If it is certain that no insurer from the standard marketplace will accept the cover you require we can often help further by speaking to specialist (non-standard) insurers on your behalf. This usually means that these specialist insurers will accept increased risk in return for a higher premium loading than the standard market will accept. If your requirement for cover is therefore worth accepting a higher premium loading, it may still be possible to arrange the cover required, even if the standard insurers have declined.

Reasons for not fitting the standard guidelines

There are many reasons why the standard insurance market might not insure you;

  • Pre-existing medical conditions,
  • Hazardous occupations,
  • Hazardous pursuits;
  • Non – UK Nationals & Non-Standard Circumstances.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions covered include; Alcohol dependency, Anxiety, depression and stress, Arthritis, Blood Disorders, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Diabetes, History of drug abuse, Epilepsy, Gynaecological Disorders, Heart Conditions, Height Weight, Hepatitis C, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, HIV, Kidney Disease/Transplant, Liver Disease/Transplant, Lupus Syndrome, Mental health problems, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Pituitary Gland Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, Stroke, Tumours
  • Hazardous Pursuits; Caving & Potholing, Civil Aviation, Diving, Sport/Leisure, Motorcycle Racing, Motorsport, Mountaineering, Power Boating, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Skiing
  • Non-UK Nationals, Foreign nationals employed by UK companies or with property in Europe Non-Standard Circumstances, Employees working in politically unstable areas
  • Hazardous occupations such as Close Protection, Security Escorts, Onboard Marine Security, employees located offshore manning Oil Rigs, Diving/Exploration Equipment and Geologists.
  • Individuals living and/or working abroad.
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