How We Help Our Clients

We always say that there are three things an adviser does for their fee:

1/ Invest you sensibly and safely

We arrange an element of control within our investment options depending on our client’s risk appetites, from cautious to speculative.

All investments will be arranged in the most appropriate wrapper i.e pension, isa, general investment account or bond for the clients’ requirement.

All investments will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) unless specifically noted otherwise.

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2/ Report to you

Quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

Accounting for:
– All contibutions and withdrawals
– Current and historic values
– Current and historic returns against benchmark
– Forecasting capital and income in actual and inflationary terms to agreed ages,
– Forecasting State Pension estimates
– Costs and charges

3/ Administer and advise

Dealing with provider requirements in regard to application forms, amendment forms, disinvestments, top-ups, fund switching and income requirements can be confusing and tedious. We therefore administer all provider requirements on your behalf with access to advice at all times.

For more on our fee structure please 

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If you want a review of your Pension(s), Investments or would like to understand more about how we help our clients; get in touch with our advisers to arrange an initial consultation.