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Edwin has helped us in many financial ways. Our first contact involved sourcing an investment vehicle for a discretionary will trust with low risks attached which Edwin did quickly and efficiently at a trying time. He then helped us gain a mortgage on a crumbling ruin of a house before we had sold our other home. What could have been a very stressful and frustrating time was made easy by Edwin’s wide knowledge of available products, access to preferential rates and perseverance in the face of adversity! We are now re-mortgaging with Edwin’s help to turn our crumbling ruin into a dream home, a process which is well underway.  Without Edwin’s help, I have no doubt we would not be in the position we are now.

Edwin has also given us advise on insurance products and on general financial planning. What Edwin does well is understand quickly what our needs are for any given situation and then act promptly to give a range of possible solutions which are always well researched and very well explained. He is always up-front about any fees or costs involved and I am happy to trust him implicitly with anything of a financial nature.
Chris, Nottinghamshire, Games Design Manager

Edwin was instrumental in helping the Company set up a new Group Personal Pension Scheme, Payment Protections Plans and Life and Health Insurance. He also supported a TUPE consultation process which involved a change in pension provisions for the workforce and all the questions and answers involved in that process. I have found him to be knowledgable and also extremely responsive in providing support and answers to questions.
Mel, Somerset, HR Manager

Always available with well thought out responses particular to our needs put across in a way easily understood, avoiding technical jargon but without being patronising. He is very helpful when dealing with third parties. What I also found refreshing was that whenever he was not 100% certain about something he would be honest and come back to us when he had ascertained exactly what the answer was rather than try to bluff through it as so many do.
Stephen, Nottinghamshire, Financial Director

Edwin has provided excellent services to our company during the process of auto-enrolling our employees in the pension scheme. It has been somewhat of a tedious process to go through and Edwin has made it much easier to understand and, more importantly much easier for our employees to understand by providing detailed information booklets and letters which are clear and easy to read. One of his greatest attributes is that he always responds very quickly (even when he’s out and about), which can be invaluable when you are up against deadlines! Edwin’s technical knowledge is always up to date and he has a very professional and calm manner.
Jodie, Nottinghamshire, Financial Controller

As we were first time buyers we had not much understanding of the property market, we searched for an adviser and Edwin has been recommended to us by a friend of ours. What he really does well… he had answered patiently and clearly all our questions, he has been available and always happy to come over when we needed help or information. We felt very comfortable to deal with Edwin and we would use his services again in the future.
Petra, Nottinghamshire, Scheduling Assistant

Edwin is knowledgeable and professional, he works in the long term interests of clients. Edwin has been advising me for almost ten years and I have been impressed with his ability to explain complex information in a simple and clear way matching his advice to my circumstances. Working with Edwin, I have been able to plan more effectively for the future.
Fiona, Nottinghamshire

Clear and effective communication and advice
Transparent charges
Greg, Nottinghamshire

Edwin finds out exactly what product you require and why. He then explains in layman terms what this means, what the potential risks are and the cost of the product. He also provides comparisons against other products so you are aware of the other options.

Even the simplest and maybe silliest of questions are taken on board and answered clearly without making you feel inadequate.
Helen, Nottinghamshire, Marketing Consultant

Edwin is very good at putting you at ease with talking about financial affairs, we needed to consolidate a few small, non-performing pensions and lump them together to try to make them more efficient and this was done quickly so it’s much less complicated than it was. Edwin is usually dressed very casually so you don’t feel intimidated by a slick, Sunday best suit! (he does have a suit though because I have seen it)
Ann, Nottinghamshire, Consultant

Edwin Snapper has been advising me on my personal financial matters for around a year. He has always given me clear advice about my options and what he feels is best for me. This has included clear and realistic projections of expected retirement income and a range of protection for my family which gives me great peace of mind. During the time I have worked with Edwin the value of my pension fund has increased significantly and I couldn’t recommend his services more highly.
Wayne, Nottinghamshire

Edwin is 100% trustworthy and expert in his field on top of which he’s a really nice bloke. He always goes the extra mile to make sure he finds the best financial services product to fit your needs and he’s very straightforward about fees and explains things well in layman’s terms. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Richard, Nottinghamshire, Finance Manager

I have made use of Edwin’s services for some years now and I remain very happy. Edwin has the ability to put himself into your shoes, therefore, providing advice suited to your exact needs. All too often advisors put the pound before the customer – not with Edwin.
Berkeley, Avon

Edwin has advised myself and my husband on our mortgage opportunity and insurance protection regularly for 8 years now and has always provided us with a fantastic service outlining clearly the options available to us. Edwin is always readily available to answer any questions we have over the phone, in person or via email and is very quick in responding with his individually suited advice. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Edwin to family, friends and colleagues.
Nicola, Nottinghamshire, Recruitment Consultant

I have worked with Edwin for a number of years and always found his knowledge of the Financial Services sector to be complete and in depth. He has an enthusiasm for the market which translates into the levels of service and advice he gives, I’d strongly recommend Edwin for any financial advice.
James, Nottinghamshire, Partner